Kung Fu training in china

Below is the schedule, cost and date of the China Training. During this training you will experience a 4-6 hour daily training. You will improve your skill set and learn new forms. After training there is enough time left for relaxing and fun.

For most Kung Fu training in china and travel to China, an expiry date is required. This allows FHMA to estimate whether there is enough interest to organize a trip to China. Each travel has limited space available. Please report in time. If there appears to be a shortage of participants, the trip could be canceled. FHMA reserves the right to cancel the the trip to China in case of insufficient participation.

Participation means that the participant agrees to make video and / or photo surveys by the organization that can be used for publications on this site or other media.

Airplane tickets will be booked at least 6 months before departure.

If you have any questions about our Kung Fu training in china. Send us an e-mail or call us. We have a lot of experience and are happy to answer any questions you may have about trainign in china.

You can also check our facebook page for past trips to china 

China Training 2021

Summer 2021 FHMA will go to China for the 2nd time. The trip will be 3 weeks training and travelling.

21 Days

July - August 2021

Departure on (unknown)

Training in China

27 July untill 19 august

27-7 - Departure from The Netherlands
- Arrival in Beijing and go to shaolin school
29-7 - Training kungfu
30-7 - Training kungfu
31-7 - Travel to Shaolin Temple
01-8 - Training kungfu
02-8 - Training kungfu
03-8 - Shopping
04-8 - Training kungfu
05-8 - Training kungfu
06-8 - Visit Luoyang
07-8 - Go to Beijing and visit the Forbidden City
08-8 - Visit the Great Wall

- Fly to Zhang jia Jie and visit Heaven Gate
10-8 - Go to the mountains with cable car
11-8 - Take the bus to Fenghuang Town
12-8 - Training Kungfu
13-8 - Training Kungfu
14-8 - Walking & shopping in Fenghuang Town
15-8 - Training Kungfu
16-8 - Training Kungfu
17-8 - Walking & shopping in Fenghuang Town
18-8 - Go to Changsha with bus, Airplane to Beijing
19-8 - Take flight back to the Netherlands, Arrival same day

Total cost are around: €2400,-
Food and Hotel is provided on training days.

You can register for the trip to China with the form.
We will contact you for further details after you have registerd about airplane ticket, hotels, and more.